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Hassett-Walker, Connie Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Criminal Justice

Hassett-Walker, Connie Ph.D.

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Before joining Kean in 2007, Dr. Hassett-Walker was a research associate at the Violence Institute of New Jersey at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers University). She received an AREA grant from the National Institutes of Health to examine the impact of justice system involvement on youths’ substance use trajectories. Her research has been published in Justice Research and Policy, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of School Violence, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice. Dr. Hassett-Walker is the author of the book Black Middle Class Delinquents (2009, LFB Scholarly Publishing).

 Department/Division: Department of Criminal Justice, College of Business and Public Management

Degree Information: Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Rutgers University; M.P.A., New York University, Robert Wagner Graduate School of Public Service; B.A., Rutgers University

Courses Taught: For undergraduates: Senior Seminar, Comparative Criminal Justice, Crime Victims, Diversity in Criminal Justice; for graduate students: Victimology; Race, Class, Gender and Crime, Ethics

Primary Area of Expertise: Criminal Justice, with a focus on race, class and crime/delinquency.

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: “Buy the books. Relax. Senior Seminar isn’t as bad as you’ve heard.”

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